We're sorry ... MySQL crashed
As you can see, readynasxtras.com is currently offline.

What happened?
Today at roughly 8:30pm CEST the MySQL database backing the site went to lala-land.
And as luck always has it the backups didn't work or were already corrupted, too.

What will happen?
Well, there's been the thought of rebuilding the site for quite a while.
Now seems to be as good a time as any to actually do it and at the same time
include features that have been asked for for some time.
This may well include a new concept that was developed with "superpoussin" for a
little while now. So stay tuned ;)

How long will it take?
There's no clear estimate yet but the hope is to have some sort of site back online
by end of next week. Of course this will be a "work in progress", so don't expect
a fancy layout or other eye-candy. Form follows function ...

Update: 2013-08-02

The new site is up. The basic functionality is there as well as many (but not all nor most) of the old addons.

But if you want to have a look, then visit the new site here. (You will be redirected to http://rnxtras.com)